Mission Statement

Through its key strengths of innovative coaching techniques and strategies and supportive parental involvement, the YNS team is driven towards developing the best combination of competitive swimmers and human beings. The YNS team maintains a strong integration of the core values of the YMCA - Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility while helping to build strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

Documents for Registration:

YNS Swimmer and Parent Handbook

YNS Final Sheet of Handbook (to be signed by parents and athletes)

Data entry worksheet

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Practice Groups:

The Practice Schedule for each site is available under 'Team Information - Schedules'. In the event that practice needs to be canceled due to inclement weather or weather events, the information will be posted as soon as possible. All swimmers affected by the cancelation will be emailed and a message will be left on the Competitive Aquatics Office telephone (978-927-6855 x1204)

PDF of Practice Groups

Age Group 3

  • Age Group 3 is the entry-level group of the YNS Sharks and is designed to introduce young swimmers and their parents to competitive swimming while allowing maximum opportunity to participate in other activities.  Coaching emphasizes teaching the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes by means of drills and games designed to make swimming fun.  Swimmers in this group will compete in some meets, particularly dual meets and other events hosted by YNS.  Swimmers in this level are generally age 7-9 years of age. Young swimmers in this group are encouraged to attend a minimum of 2 practices per week.


Age Group 2

  • Age Group 2 is the second group in the progression of the YNS education of fundamentals of competitive swimming.  Swimmers are encouraged to do the “little things” correctly: be on time for practice, being prepared with cap and goggles, being attentive and listening to the coach.  Two important aspects of this group are the introduction of interval training and the continued emphasis of all 4 competitive strokes.  Swimmers will attend the same meets as AG3, while also being exposed to some close “away” meets and some regional YMCA championship meets. The primary age range of this group is 8-10 years of age and the coaching staff will encourage 3 or more training sessions per week. Basic body weight dryland will be introduced at this level during distinct phases of the season.


Age Group 1

  • This training group is designed to introduce and advance swimmers in year-round swimming (short course and long course). The group is based on stroke instruction and progressing to competitive training.  These swimmers will work together as a group to become better YNS teammates.  Coaches will demand more from these young swimmers with commitment to attendance, though other activities are still emphasized. Dryland is a very important aspect of the group to build overall fitness. Swimmers in this level are generally age 10-13 years of age. There will be 5-6 training opportunities (including association) per week and swimmers will be asked to attend 4 practices.

Junior 3

  • The main focus of the Junior 3 group is to continue with competitive training.  While these athletes might not have the commitment or stroke mechanics to move into the Junior 2 or 1 group, they continue to compete at local and regional swim meets. Swimmers will range from 11-14.  There will be an emphasis from the coaches to attend 3 workouts per week, but an understanding of other activities is acceptable.


Junior 2

  • This training group is for committed and motivated young swimmers and emphasizes serious training in preparation for higher levels of swimming. The group will focus on stroke refinement, aerobic training, and strength building. Swimmers in this level are generally age 12-14 years of age.  The practice schedule of most sites will allow for 6 opportunities or more and the coaches will require a maximum number of practices possible per individual.  Swimmers in the Junior 2 group are looking to make YMCA and USA Swimming Age Group championship time limits and are focused on year round swimming.


Junior 1

  • This group has one distinct difference from the other junior groups: commitment to training and swimming as a potential long-term sport.  Swimmers in this group will advance either to Senior 2 or Senior 1 directly because of their early decision in regards to commitment. Young athletes in this group understand all the key aspects to competitive training and have learned to take ownership of their swimming goals. The age of swimmers in this group will range from 11-14 and with the Head Coaches discretion, possibly younger. Attendance for Junior 1 swimmers is a key element and a 85% participation must be maintained.  Junior 1 swimmers usually have New England Age Group standards and YMCA National standards are a real objective for these athletes.  Dryland training is also required and it will move from simple body weight training to some more complex strength work (i.e. stretch cords, yoga, paddles, etc.)


Senior 3

  • This training group provides an opportunity for high school swimmers to develop and improve skills and fitness levels necessary to train and compete. The opportunity to progress to higher groups exists for those swimmers willing to put in the necessary time and commitment.  Many members of this group swim concurrently with their high school swim teams.  Swimming with this group will work hand in hand to provide the additional training needed for the high school swimmer to be competitive in YMCA, USA Swimming and High School programs.  Though attendance is less of a focus, coaches will encourage 3 practices per week.  Dryland training will work in conjunction with their individual goals.


Senior 2

  • The Senior 2 group is the cornerstone of the YNS senior program.  This group is for swimmers who have shown a high level of commitment to practice attendance and swim meet participation.  These swimmers have interest in all 3 levels of swimming: YMCA, USA and High School.  Swimmers in this group are highly involved in the YNS Sharks swim team and participate in activities outside of the pool, such as volunteer activities. To be considered for this group, a swimmer should be able to practice a minimum 4 times per week out of the maximum number of practices that are offered.  Swimmers are encouraged to come to 5‐7 practices per week. To be considered for this group, swimmers should be at least in their freshman year in high school.  Dryland training is a requirement.  Much like the other groups, dryland is focused on strength and conditioning and it will be in different phases throughout the season.


Senior 1

  • This is considered the highest group that YNS has to offer. Automatic consideration for entry into this group is YMCA National Championship qualifying time standards. These swimmers have completely developed the fundamentals of competitive training and have moved into very specific distances and strokes, as well as race planning and strategy. Swimmers in this group must maintain a 90% workout attendance with constant communication with the coaching staff for any unexcused absence.  There will be a minimum of 8 practices per week, however that requirement will increase and decrease with the structure of the season.  Swimmers in this group have the primary goal to swim in college, compete nationally, and possibly internationally.